The First Online WAKO Kickboxing Training Pathway Program is running successfully since 3 months now. This has been a great achievement for our federation focusing on making and nurturing new talent across the country. The pathway has been a great help to all the Athletes/ Coaches/ Officials to cope up with the daily routine in such a pandemic situation. WAKO India is continuously monitoring a lot of growth in confidence of the participants since it provides a platform and givesequal opportunity to everyoneto train the other members of the group also. It has been observed that thelevel of interest has increased amongst the members and so is the participation level.WAKO India President Mr. Santosh K Agrawal has sincerely thanked WAKO (IF) Officials for backing up thegroup to grow and develop their knowledge in the sport not only practically but also theoretically. The WAKO India members like Mr. Kartik Dakua, Mr. Nilesh Shelar, Mr. Suryapratap Mundapat, Mr. Anil Sharma, are some names who are consistently working on WAKO India development. Apart from these National Guides, we get a permanent hold up from Mr. Nordio Manuel whose unfailing hard work is making our cluster an improved one. This month was surely a flourishing one because of amazing effort from each and every everyone from every part of India and becoming a part of each other’s progress. WAKO India would like to thank WAKO (IF) in pushing us forward and Redefining Kickboxing Sport in India.