We successfully organized “WAKO India Online Referee Webinar’ on 7” July 2020. WAKO India was proud to have WAKO (IF) Chairman of the Referee Committee In Tatami Sport, Mr. Brian Beck who conducted the Webinar. It had an overwhelming response and the learning and the overall enhancement of the technical skills for the members was good chunk to attain. For a developing nation like ours these webinars/ seminars plays a very important role in Improving and promoting the sport. And if WAKO India is getting this from the top official. its like crux of the biscuit.
Our Federation had participated In a Webinar organized by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) held on 18th July. Mr. Santosh K Agrawal and Ace Doctor from Manipal Hospitals Dr. Sushant Chhabra who is also the chairman of WAKO India Medical Committee were the attendees. There were other countries also who took part In the session and gathered lot of productive Information about the WADA rules & regulations and guidelines. This came out to be rich tutorials which are much needed by our group.
We thank again to our WAKO India President for encouraging and redefining Kickboxing sport In India and taking the game close to get the official recognition.