October Report rout WAKO India participated in UTS Victual Youth Festival um an opportunity for young athletes from all over the world to engage in friendly spoor competitions. It was a proud moment (or Thum India who won n medals In this lburnament In different categories and stood at the3n1 position in the final tally with 4 Gold, $ Silver and 6 Bronze. This unique Virtual Youth Festival has brought Olympic and non Olympic sports together and we hope to gain more and more experience through event like these. The ongoiRrOnline WAKO India Kickboxing Training/ Education Pathway Prognun-have completed 5 months now and it is still running successfully. This has been a great achimement for the federation focusing on making. nurturing and upgrading not only the seniors but also the new talent across the country. The pathway has helped all the Athletes/Coaches/Officials to cope up with the daily fitness routine in such a pandemic situation. WAKO India is continuously monitoring the growth and confidence in all the participants since it provides a platform and gives equal opportunity to everyone to min the other members of the group also. The WAKO India coaches & officials like Mr. Kartik Dakua. Dr. Sanjay Way, Mr. Mesh Shelar, Mr. Anil Stumm. Me Suryapratap Mundapat. Mr. Kruslum Dakua, Ms. Seam Sahli has been the pillars in consistently providin’ g and contributing in upgrading the education pathway. It has been observed that the level of Interest has increased amongst the members and so is the participation leveL WAKO India President Mr. Santosh K Agraved has sincerely thanked the members of WAKO India for maintaining that level of itilatfl amongst the participants. He his also mentioned that the Tharrtwork is the key to swans In every organinttion and every hand has a unique input. ‘Only those who will risk going too fir can possibly find out how far they can go.’ Apart from this. our prtsident along with the Ram Spondna attended a zoom meet with the representative of Rsportz; Mr. ‘Mains and Mt Robin Kent on ‘How to implement and execute the New System’ In our Federation. This is an initiative taken by WAKO (IF) for federations worldwide in order to get a database of all the members across the world and engaging them accordingly. October was concluded as another amazing month for the group with some extra ordinary effort in bringing the standard of the game up and redefining Kickboxing sport in India. WAKO India President Mr. Agrawal sincerely thanked the WAKO (IF) in motivating and pushing team India at every ocatsion.