Recognised By: Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India

Member: World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO)

WAKO Recog. By: International Olympic Committee (IOC)


“WAKO World Cup Diamond Kickboxing held during 24-29 September, 2019

A 22 Members of WAKO INDIA KICKBOXING TEAM took part in the “WAKO World Cup Diamond Kickboxing” held during 24-29 September, 2019 at Anapa, RUSSIA under the able leadership of Mr. Santosh K Agrawal, President – WAKO India Kickboxing Federation. There were 23 Countries with 1250 Athletes for the Championship from across the globe.

WAKO INDIA Team showcased a stunning performance during the above Championship and won 6 Gold Medal, 9 Silver Medal and 11 Bronze Medal and made our Motherland proud. The details of medal winners are as per separate enclosed sheet:-

WAKO INDIA congratulates all the Medal Winners and wishes best of luck for the losers.

S.NO.SurnameGiven NameStateDOBM/FStatusCategoryEventsActual Wt. Medal
1AGGARWAL SANTOSH KUMAR Haryana19.11.1975MALEChief Coach N/A N/A N/A Official
2MHATRESANTOSH DEVIDAS Maharashtra17.7.1989MALERefereeN/A Ring Sports N/A Official
3RANINISHAHaryana30.12.1983FEMALETeam Manager N/A N/A N/A Official
4DEBNATHSABITRITripura05.02.1982FEMALEOfficialN/A N/A N/A Official
5MIAHRIPANTripura10.02.1987 MALEOfficialN/A N/A N/A Official
6JAKHARAKASHHaryana27.04.1999MALEPlayerSeniorPoint Fight-63Bronze Medal
Kick LightParticipant
7SAININEHAHaryana27.11.1999FEMALEPlayerSeniorLight Contact-60Silver Medal
Kick LightSilver Medal
8KUKREJAMONALHaryana30.12.2007FEMALEPlayerYounger CadetsKick Light-42Gold Medal
Light ContactParticipant
MF SSParticipant
9RAMESHBAASHWANTH KUMAR Tamilnadu28.09.1998MALEPlayerSeniorKick Light-79Participant
Light ContactBronze Medal
10TOPALE PRANAY DATTATRAY Maharashtra10.06.2000MALEPlayerSeniorPoint Fight-94Silver Medal
Kick LightGold Medal
11VANAGEJANHAVI GAJANAN Maharashtra19.10.1996FEMALEPlayerSeniorPoint Fight-55Silver Medal
MF HSParticipant
12BHUJBAL VAISHNAVI VIJAY Maharashtra04.06.1999FEMALEPlayerSeniorKick Light-60Gold Medal
Light ContactBronze Medal
13DABHADEKISHOR AMBARNATH Maharashtra21.03.1994MALEPlayerSeniorLOW Kick-86Bronze Medal
14MHATREPRADHUMNYA ASHOK Maharashtra15.10.2001MALEPlayerJuniorPoint Fight-84Silver Medal
Kick LightSilver Medal
15RASAKONDASANJEEVUTelangana06.07.1989MALEPlayerSeniorPoint Fight-63Participant
Soft StyleBronze Medal
MF Open StyleBronze Medal
16MARKASANTHOSHITelangana30.08.2003FEMALEPlayerJuniorPoint Fight-50Bronze Medal
SSWBronze Medal
Soft StyleBronze Medal
17ANESUSHRITHATelangana20.02.2000FEMALEPlayerSeniorKick Light-49Gold Medal
Soft StyleBronze Medal
SSWSilver Medal
18SUIAMHAME SHANIAH Meghalaya10.04.1996MALEPlayerSeniorPoint Fight-57Gold Medal
Kick LightSilver Medal
19DEBNATH MUKTATripura03.01.2001FEMALEPlayerJuniorLight Contact-60Gold Medal
Kick LightBronze Medal
MF Open StyleSilver Medal
20MYSORE KUMAR SANJAY KUMARKarnataka05.08.1995MALEPlayerSeniorKick Light-63Participant
21BHAGATCHETAN NARESH Maharashtra22.10.2002MALEPlayerJuniorPoint Fight-63Participant
Light ContactParticipant
22SANJAY KUMARRajasthan13.09.2002MALEPlayerJuniorLight Contact-69Participant
  • Total Gold Medal: 6
  • Total Silver Medal: 9
  • Total Bronze Medal: 11
  • Santosh Kumar Agrawal
  • President
  • WAKO India Kickboxing Federation